Release Mohammed El Halabi – Join the national vigils on 2nd April 2022

Imprisoned by Israel for 6 years

Mohammed El Halabi, the former head of development programs for World Vision Australia in Gaza has been imprisoned by Israeli authorities for nearly 6 years.

Mohammad became World Vision’s manager in Gaza in 2014, the year he was honoured as a ‘humanitarian hero’ by the UN after he had worked for World Vision for 10 years before he was arrested in June 2016.

He is accused of diverting many millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas and to militant groups in Gaza. In response to the charges against Mohammad, World Vision and the Department of Foreign Affairs conduced comprehensive audits – neither of which found any evidence that funds had been diverted.

Amnesty International is concerned that his trial process is unfair and will not deliver justice.

Mohammed’s arrest and trial has been riddled with injustices

  • interrogations that include torture and beatings so severe he’s lost hearing;
  • relentless pressure to confess; court hearings that restricted Mr El Halabi’s legal team from access to evidence and thus hampered their capacity to manage his legal defence;
  • translations in court so bad that judges intervened.

Email the Israeli Minister for Justice calling on him to release Mohammed El Halabi.
A copy of your email will be sent to Australian political leaders.


On his birthday, 2nd April 2022, Amnesty International Australia and APAN (with CJPP in Sydney), are holding vigils to show support for Mohammed. RSVP today so that together, we can show the Israeli authorities how much support the is for Mohammed.

Details of the Sydney Vigil in Customs House Square on Saturday, 2nd April 2022, at 2.00 pm here

Mohammed el Halabi, the former manager of operations for World Vision in Gaza, has been detained by the Israeli authorities for nearly 6 years.

He is accused of diverting million of dollars in aid, much donated by the Australian government, to armed groups for “terrorism” purposes.

World Vision and the Department of Foreign Affairs conducted comprehensive audits, neither of which found evidence that funds were diverted.

He faces decades in prison.

Halabi’s trial has been held behind closed doors, he has alleged torture in custody, his lawyer has been prevented from reviewing prosecution evidence, all of which are concerning signs that his trial has been neither fair nor transparent.

As the verdict in Halabi’s case nears, now is the time to pressure the Israeli authorities to respect his rights, including his right to a fair trial.

The Australian government must also call on the Israeli authorities to respect his rights, reiterating that their audit found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Join one of the vigils around Australia to mark Mohammed el Halibi’s birthday at 2:00 pm on 2nd April 2022.

Vigils will be held at:

  • Melbourne, Federation Square
  • Wollongong, Crown Street Mall
  • Sydney, Customs House Square
  • Castlemaine, venue TBC
  • Cairns, The Esplanade
  • Brisbane, King George Square
  • Newcastle, Civic Park
  • Launceston, venue TBC
  • Perth, venue TBC
  • Adelaide, venue TBC
  • Canberra, venue TBC
  • Hobart, Parliament lawns ( vigil will be at 11:30 am, not 2:00 pm)