Al Quds, Jerusalem – General Delegation of Palestine response to Trump statement Dec 2017

Press Release: Trump statement on Jerusalem bars the US from playing a constructive role in the peace process Canberra,
7 December 2017

The General Delegation of Palestine wholly rejects and condemns President Trump’s statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as well as the prospect of moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This unilateral declaration flies in the face of international law, United Nations resolutions, and countless international conventions and agreements.

However, the statement by President Trump has no impact on the international legal status of Jerusalem, with East Jerusalem being Occupied Palestinian Territories. It likewise does not change the identity of Jerusalem as the home of all three monotheistic religions, nor does it erase the history and culture of Palestinian Jerusalemites.

Through this statement, the Trump administration has barred itself from playing any constructive role in achieving peace between Palestine and Israel. Evidenced by the widespread condemnation from governments around the world, as well as the United Nations and other international bodies, this statement has served to isolate the US from the international community, undermining international attempts at achieving a comprehensive peace.

The statement has caused outrage in the Middle East and will lead to increased instability and sectarian violence in an already troubled region. The statement has provided extremist groups with a recruiting tool and will be used by these groups as ammunition for reprehensible acts of terrorism. Palestine remains committed to solving the problem created by this statement through diplomatic and political means, as well as nonviolent popular resistance. The status of Jerusalem remains a matter for final status negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

The General Delegation of Palestine applauds Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s reaffirmation that the status of Jerusalem is subject to final status negotiations between Palestine and Israel, and that the Australian embassy in Israel will remain in Tel Aviv. We call upon the Australian government to join the chorus of international leaders in rejecting President Trump’s statement.

For more information: HE Mr Izzat Abdulhadi Ambassador of the State of Palestine Head of the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Ph: 0404 444 410