Shadi released under house arrest.

29th November –

After 40 days in prison Shadi has been released under house arrest. There will be further court proceedings but he will be home with his family, Abboud (his dog), online study, and to watch the World Cup. For his return, the whole neighborhood helped prepare his favorite dish of “Koussa wa waraq” (Stuffed zucchini and vine leaves). 

We are thankful and grateful for everything you have done for Shadi, to everyone who stood with us, to each and everyone who worked, followed, wrote, composed, drew, launched campaigns and talked about Shadi”.  – Shadi’s mum

Shadi faces another court hearing on 12 December. 160 children are being held in detention illegally in Israel. Let’s build on the wave of support we’ve set in motion and continue to support Shadi and Palestinian child prisoners. 

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