Strangers in The House


A story of tension between father and son against the background of the creation of Israel and the exile of Raja’s family and the different ways each man worked for justice and peace.

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A moving memoir as a lawyer and his father struggled for truth in Occupied Palestine

Raja Shehadeh’s moving memoir is set during the tumultuous period when the State of Israel was unilaterally declared. In 1947 his parents left their home in Jaffa for Ramallah thinking they’d be gone for just a few weeks during the turmoil of the end of the British mandate.They were never to return.

“It is a remarkable book: a memoir of exile – being a ‘stranger in his own land’ – and also a memoir of a remarkable father and an account of political education. It is the best possible book to understand the problems of the Middle East, and it is a wonderful personal story by a writer of edge and subtlety.”
Michael Ignatieff (Allan & Unwin)


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