Protest about Israel’s attack on Jenin

On Monday, 3rd July 2023, over 1,000 Israeli troops attacked the town of Jenin in the occupied West Bank. Two days later, twelve Palestinians had been killed, several dozen wounded. Much infrastructure was damaged or destroyed, including water, electricity and sewerage networks.

Part of the destruction left behind by the Israeli invasion of Jenin.
(Photo: Palestine Chronicle via Times of Gaza)

The lack of any progress in peace talks for decades, Israel’s continued illegal settlement building and the recent increase in hardline politicians in the Israeli government have contributed to increased support for armed resistance by Palestinians. People have a recognised right to struggle for independence using all available means, including armed struggle under a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.

There are many up-to-date press reports about the situation in Jenin, for example, The Conversation, The Palestine Chronicle and Al Jazeera.

You can take some action to support the Palestinian people to achieve self-determination.

  • Contact your local Federal Member of Parliament and express your concern that the Federal Government makes no comment about Israel’s ongoing oppression of Palestinians or Israel not abiding by international conventions and United Nations resolutions.
  • Take part in the protest rally at Sydney Town Hall Square on Saturday, 8th July, at 1.00 pm.