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29 June 2011: Gaza bound/From Aborigine to Palestinian rights, Amira Hass, Haaretz

GREECE – This is not the first time that Sylvia Hale, 69, has been asked why she is so active for the Palestinian cause. What about the discrimination against the Aborigines in her own country, Australia, for example? …
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20 June 2011: Joining the freedom flotilla to break Gaza blockade is a necessity, Sylvia Hale, Sydney Morning Herald.

Yesterday, I left for Europe to join the flotilla to break the blockade of Gaza, along with fellow Australians Vivienne Porzsolt, of Jews Against the Occupation, and Michael Coleman, a youth worker. People ask me why I’m going. I reply by recalling my experiences in Gaza last July when visiting Australian aid projects in the Middle East. …
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Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach

Middle Eastern dinner 6 pm , Forum 6:30 pm
Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale
Farewell Sylvia Hale (Greens member and former NSW MLC) and Vivienne Porzsolt (Jews Against the Occupation) just before they head off to join the next Freedom Flotilla that will attempt to break the siege on Gaza.

31 May, 2011
Australians to join Freedom Flotilla 2 to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza unless siege?is lifted completely

On the eve of first anniversary of the deadly Israeli attack on the 2010 international Flotilla to break the siege of Gaza, Australian participants reiterated their determination to join the second Flotilla, which will set sail for Gaza at the end of June.
“We welcome Egyptian moves to partially lift the siege by opening the Raffah crossing,” said former Greens MLC Sylvia Hale, “but in itself this will not substantially alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza.
“Despite the easing of the siege, men under 40 are not permitted to cross, making it impossible for them to find jobs outside Gaza. The refusal to permit raw materials to enter Gaza or exports to leave it, means widespread unemployment will continue.
“Gaza will not be free ?so long as the Israeli siege destroys the territory’s economy,” said Ms Hale.
“The Australian delegation is determined to join the second international Flotilla to break the siege,” said Vivienne Porzsolt of Jews Against the Occupation.
“The world witnessed the brutality of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara 12 months ago, when nine activists were killed and many others injured and illegally detained,” Ms Porzsolt said.
“Such aggression must not go unchallenged. By participating in the Flotilla, we are opposing Israel’s acts of piracy in international waters and its illegal blockade of Gaza..
“We are committed to peace and non-violence and will offer no provocation or resistance to any action by the Israeli forces. Should any of us be injured, it will be the responsibility of the Israeli Government,” said Ms Porzsolt.
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Sylvia Hale,?0417?466?095, [email protected]

CJPP members to join Freedom Flotilla to break Gaza siege

Sylvia Hale

Two members of the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine will be part of the Australian delegation joining the second international Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. The flotilla will set sail in June to break the blockade of Gaza and aims to end Israel’s illegal collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

The Australian contingent includes two members of the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine, Sylvia Hale, former Greens member of the NSW Parliament, Vivienne Porzsolt of Jews Against the Occupation.

Alex Whisson of Australians for Palestine, and youth worker Michael Coleman, who has volunteered in Nablus on the West Bank, are the other two members of the Australian contingent.

Sylvia Hale said:? “A little over a year ago, Israeli forces boarded the MV Mavi Marmara, murdered nine activists, injured many more, and impounded boats transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza.

This was an act of piracy.

“The primary aim of Freedom Flotilla 2 is to break the siege of Gaza by mounting a significant challenge to it. We want to open Gaza’s borders and give the people of Gaza greater control over their lives. The boats will be carrying humanitarian aid and medical supplies.

“Despite the Israeli government’s claims that it has eased its illegal blockade, building materials, medicines, food and other vital supplies are still prohibited from entering Gaza. Exports are prevented from leaving. Malnutrition and unemployment are severe. (

“The Sydney-based Gaza Freedom Flotilla Working Group has partnered with Canadian activists to purchase a boat with a capacity for 50 delegates. The Australian group has raised more than $40,000, but is seeking further donations to defray the cost of humanitarian aid. All participants are meeting their own expenses,” Ms Hale said.

The contingent has the full support of CJPP and we urge members and supporters to do all they can to generate publicity and financial support for the Australian contingent.